Cats and Dogs

Woofstock 2014

What is Woofstock?

Woofstock is a day for dog lovers to show off their animal’s amazing abilities, view dogs demonstrating their talents, enjoy great food, and contribute to the cause of eliminating pet over-population. Woofstock will also present a unique opportunity to educate the public of the importance of spay and neuter in the reduction of pet and shelter over-population, and to encourage a humane attitude towards animals.

This is our sixth annual event and our first year to have The Fido Festival. We are assuring lots of laughs and big smiles for these events. There will be the 4K-4Paws run/walk and a Pedaling for Pooches Mountain Bike Poker Ride. We will have various dog demonstrations, delicious food, local retail vendors with unique gifts and pet items. All of this in one day is sure to provide something of interest for kids of all ages.

What is the Fido Festival?

  • Hoops to Music — similar to musical chairs, be the last dog sitting in a hula hoop in the end.
  • Agility Course Run — see how fast your dog can run our agility course.
  • Fido Says - a fast paced canine version of Simon Says, handlers and dogs must follow instructions.
  • Spoon of Peanut Butter — who can empty the spoon of peanut butter the fastest.
  • Tennis Ball Toss — Whoever can fetch the bucket of balls the fastest or has the most in 90 seconds.
  • Grooming — Shedding — Handlers have one minute to brush their dog and fill a plastic bag with their dog’s hair. The most hair in 60 seconds wins. Must provide own brush.
  • Derek Jeter Obedience Baseball - dogs complete a command at each base to score.
  • Frisbee Throw - can your dog catch the frisbee at the farthest distance?
  • Red Light, Green Light - how well can you make your dog stop with little notice?
  • Radical Rags — dress up your Fido in the best Woofstock attire.

Pedaling for Pooches Mountain Bike Poker Ride

Participants can challenge themselves on the trails of Sugar Hollow Park and visit poker checkpoints along the way. After visiting each checkpoint, riders will receive their poker hand at the finish line.

4K 4 Paws Run/Walk

This will be the fourth year for the 4K 4 PAWS Run/Walk event at Woofstock. The 4K course is laid out at beautiful Sugar Hollow Park. If your 4 legged canine friends love to walk or run this is a wonderful opportunity for both of you. If you just want to participate by yourself please feel free to do that also. This is a great way to keep our furry friends in good shape and participate in an activity with us. Please go to to register online.

Meet Mr. and Mrs. Woofstock 2014!

We are sending out a huge "thank you!" to all of the participants in our Mr. and Mrs. Woofstock Photo Contest. There were so many terrific and fun photos that we had a very difficult job picking the winners. There were also certain photos that were better suited for printed materials and others that would work well for our website.

In the end, we decided to announce a male and a female WEB WINNER and a male and a female PRINT WINNER! These decisions were based on the number of votes the pet received and the suitability of the photos. Plus, stay tuned throughout the year... You may see other participants pop up in our e-Paws Newsletter or other printed materials, so make sure you are signed up for both of these! To be added to our mailing list, simply email us at and give us your mailing address. Click here to sign up for our ePaws e-newsletter.

Without farther adieu... we are pleased to present the winners! Congratulations, and thanks again to everyone who participated.

  • Bodacious
    Mr. Woofstock PRINT — Bodacious by Brooks Jackson, Blountville
  • Yoshi
    Mrs. Woofstock PRINT — Yoshi by Beth Sproles, Bristol
  • Murphy
    Mr. Woofstock WEB — Murphy by Misty Skeen, Kingsport
  • Ryleigh
    Mrs. Woofstock WEB — Ryleigh by Kay Ratliff, Grundy