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What is spaying and neutering?

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Both spaying and neutering are safe and permanent surgeries. Spaying refers to female pets and is a major surgical procedure in which both ovaries and the uterus are removed from your pet. Neutering, also called castration, refers to male pets, and is a minor surgical procedure in which both of the testicles are removed. Other terms used to refer to pets that have been spayed and neutered include de-sexed, fixed, altered, sterilized or un-sexed.

When should a pet be spayed or neutered?

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The latest research shows the earlier the surgery, the better it is for the animal. The American Veterinary Medical Association has endorsed early age spaying and neutering. Since most cats and dogs are able to reproduce by 4 months of age, it is recommended that they have surgery between 3 and 4 old, possibly as early as 2 old.

Will the procedure hurt my pet?

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During surgery, your pet will be fully anesthetized so your pet will not feel any pain. Most surgeries have some pain associated with the procedure, however our clinic uses an effective pain management protocol so your pet's discomfort is minimized, if not eliminated. Although there are inherent risks with any surgical procedure, serious harm is very rare and the risk of not spaying and neutering is far greater than the risks associated with these procedures.